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The role of co-creation in digital transformation

The role of co-creation in digital transformation is essential for external factors to have a direct impact on understanding the needs of increasingly demanding consumers.

The desires of such consumers today are increasingly specific and personalized and understanding this demand and using technology in favor of improving user experience is part of a process we know as digital transformation.

And one of the key strategies for the success of this methodology is to understand the role of co-creation within this process.

With the support of players who are not primarily part of the production line, such as suppliers or even customers, it is possible to invest in a collaborative strategy for creation, bringing better results and meeting market demands with increased assertiveness.

After all, what is the role of co-creation in digital transformation?

During a creation process, an organization’s employees first need to understand what consumers are really looking for. And not what they think consumers are looking for.

Co-creation in digital transformation is a methodology in which customers, suppliers and even competitors have an active participation in the development of cheap and disruptive solutions, helping to create these internal processes of the company.

It is necessary to consider four pillars of fundamental importance for co-creation in digital transformation to work:

1. Transparency in actions;

2. Understanding of the benefits and risks;

3. Access to resources and information (by all stakeholders);

4. Dialogue between the parties to achieve common goals.

Strategy benefits

Among the benefits that the co-creation strategy in digital transformation provides, one can highlight full customer satisfaction with the brand, which is virtually fundamental for organizations that want and seek success.

It is evident that a good user experience goes directly through investment in innovation. Co-creation in digital transformation means innovating. This strategy brings customers closer to the brand, providing a result closer to the one desired.

Undoubtedly, a competitive edge, positively highlighting your company in the market in relation to the competition.

How to apply co-creation in digital transformation

The step by step goes directly through defining a goal with efficient internal processes and choosing the team that will collaborate with the strategy.

Last but not least, it’s time to get your hands dirty and execute the strategy, ensuring deliveries that are closer to the reality of customers: user experience is above all delivering what consumers want.

In addition, to always be aware of changes that occur in the market; the company needs to be flexible and ready for what the market demands. The focus must always be on what is really important to customers.

Bear in mind that innovating collaboratively will always allow for the expeditious adoption of solutions and ensure the development of business in a sustainable way.

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