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SUCCESS CASE: CPFL hires Performa_IT as a partner to structure and establish its vision of the future.


CPFL, one of the largest companies in the Brazilian electricity sector and leader in the renewable energy sector in Brazil, hired Performa_IT to jointly develop its agile technology strategic planning, aiming at outlining the paths that the organization will need to take to achieve its future goals.

Strategic planning is essential for a company the size of CPFL, which is considered one of the largest companies in the Brazilian electricity sector with more than 100 years of history and operating in electricity distribution, generation and sale, and services that bring energy to 9.9 million customers.


We started our work by collecting information through exploratory research and market analysis, interviewing approximately 20 company executives, using an agile and structured methodology to survey the company’s technological characteristics and identify key improvement points for its future growth.

The entire project was prepared using intelligent and efficient methods, mapping the business interests and co-molding with collaborative sessions its priorities, objectives, and key results. Always thinking about generating positive impacts, ensuring the success of the entire business operation to protect the business from instability, acting practically and assertively, focused on short, medium, and long-term goals and objectives.

The planning carried out, in this incredible partnership, covered the next 5 years and aimed at CPFL’s sustainable growth, evaluating the organization’s internal and external conditions and its expected evolution, helping in decision-making, identifying opportunities, and reducing the distance between its current condition and where it intends to be in a given period.

Agile methodologies were used with innovative solutions and, through the engagement of the CPFL’s team, we worked with a high level of quality that allowed for a short-term delivery, 100% validated and approved by the company.

This project enabled CPFL to assess the organization’s internal and external conditions and its expected evolution, identifying opportunities and reducing the distance between the company’s current condition and where it intends to be in a given period.

Far beyond feature development

Having agile strategic planning allows the creation of a long-term vision with a cross-referencing of short-term objectives, results, and initiatives. It is only through the objectives being monitored and, even, revised in shorter periods, that an agile behavior is allowed, adapting to changes, much more than just following a plan.

Working with agile methodologies, the company finds it easier to meet market demands, reduce uncertainties with short development cycles and well-defined deliveries with a focus on continuous process improvement and team alignment, making it much simpler to identify errors and failures during its execution.

This provides a team where all professionals involved gain more flexibility and ease to make adaptations, thus preventing problems from affecting the final result and resulting in a deepening of the relationship with partners and especially an increase in sales.

Customer testimonial

“Since the beginning of our project, Performa_IT has stood out for working in partnership and using agile methodologies. We build our strategic technology plan through collaborative work, by co-designing it. In no time, we had broken down our vision into plans, activities, and timelines simply and efficiently. Today, IT teams are clear on how technology can support the objectives of CPFL’s business areas. Performa_IT supported us in the team’s engagement and gave us direction to plan and prioritize our investments. It gave us a ‘thinking-outside-the-box’ and gave us a different view of the business. I recommend Performa_IT to any company that is looking for solutions outside the traditional method, that wants to reflect on its challenges and that needs quick deliveries and results with excellence in quality.” Thiago Amante, CIO at CPFL

Performa_IT helps your company in creating its Agile Strategic Technology Planning, making flows more dynamic and assertive and helping your company to increase productivity, making you stand out in the market with competitive advantages.

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