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Delighting customers: How Ri Happy trasformed the consumer experience through continuous improvement with the VTEX platform

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How Ri Happy trasformed the consumer experience through continuous improvement with the VTEX platform

Ri Happy Brinquedos is the largest toy retailer in Brazil, with 35 years in the market. Ri Happy has a network of 270 stores and franchises with different sales channels throughout Brazil, and over 3,000 employees. It is currently led by Carlyle Group, one of the largest American private equity multinationals in the world. 

It was working on the development of the best solutions in technology that the partnership Ri Happy and Performa_IT has strengthened and through the development of technology projects in co-creation, came the project of improvements to its online store through UX applications (User Experience) with the VTEX platform.

Get to know the details of this development.

The Challenge:

Drive UX (User Experience) improvements, in order to: 

  • Add value to the customer;
  • Provide differentiation from the competition;
  • Increase sales.


The partnership between Ri Happy and Performa_IT was strategic in order to utilize our expertise and technical knowledge to optimize Ri Happy’s digital platform through the insights provided by the support team on the VTEX platform.

The Performa_IT team consists of professionals from various technology and innovation fields, which allows us to act at different stages of a project’s development, and it was the turn of our designers and programmers specialized in UX, with extensive experience in successful projects in this area.

Enhance the online shopping experience

VTEX solutions offer a compelling and personalized approach to online shopping, with advanced customization capabilities and flexibility, allowing you to create unique shopping experiences that align with your brand identity. 

Through an intuitive and friendly interface, it is possible to create responsive layouts optimized for mobile devices, and offers features such as real-time visual editing, dynamic content management, and integration with design and prototyping tools. 

With this user-centric approach, we developed key design and interaction solutions for Ri Happy that enabled the company to deliver a fluid and engaging purchase journey, increasing sales and customer loyalty.

We will delve into these solutions and developments to show how this partnership enabled Ri Happy to achieve its goals.

Design Solution

New Desktop Header:  a new header has been designed with a focus on improving the user’s browsing experience, providing easier and faster access to the site’s pages and tools, a more modern and clean design, visually appealing and inviting, and making navigation more intuitive and enjoyable.  

New Mobile Header: on the mobile version, we’ve given the search bar more prominence, making it faster for users to find what they’re looking for on the site and improving the navigation experience.  

New Mobile Footer: to improve the user experience, we made a significant change to the footer, adding highlights to important areas such as payment methods, security certifications, social networks and the store’s Super App. 

Categories and Departments Filter: with the goal of creating a more fluid and efficient shopping experience for our customers, we developed a new categories and departments template. With a more intuitive and uncluttered product layout, redesigned filters and new components that help improve SEO and reduce shopping cart abandonment, it increases the likelihood of purchase conversions.


‘About us’ Page: created not only to tell the story of Ri Happy, but also to provide customers an interactive and playful experience, with visual elements that make navigation more engaging and interesting. 

‘Data Security’ Page: the new page brings a lot of important information, including service channels and guidelines to avoid possible scams, demonstrating Ri Happy’s commitment to ensure the safety and trust of its customers. 

‘Login area’ Page: the layout change of this page was important in the user’s browsing experience to strengthen the brand image and give the user a sense of unity and coherence. The result was an increase in customer satisfaction with the service and even customer loyalty.  

‘Order submitted’ Page: with a clear and organized view of order information, the customer has more confidence and security regarding their purchase, thus increasing their satisfaction. 

‘Zip Code’ query: we made adjustments to minimize errors caused by entering the wrong zip code at checkout, and this change improved the user’s browsing experience and minimized delivery problems.


‘Hand Talks’ tool integration  

The integration of the Handtalks tool on the Ri Happy website represents a major step forward in terms of accessibility and inclusion. With this application, translation into sign language becomes possible, providing a better navigation experience for deaf or hearing impaired people. In addition, the integration is in full compliance with the Brazilian Law of Inclusion, which provides for the accessibility of products and services offered on the Internet to all users. With the adoption of the Handtalks tool, Ri Happy reaffirms its commitment to inclusion and equal access for all.

‘Your Views’ tool integration 

Integrating the Your Views review tool into the site was a big step in providing a more complete customer experience. Now, when visiting a product page, it is possible to read testimonials from customers who have already purchased the item and shared their opinions about the quality of the product and service provided. This feature is very important to help customers in their decision making process as they can learn more about what they are buying before they make the purchase. In addition, these reviews are valuable to us as they help us identify areas for improvement and continually improve the quality of our products and services. 

‘Flix-Media’ tool integration  

With the integration of the flix-media tool and the syndication of the insertion of enriched content on the partner sites, we were able to add more detailed and relevant information about the products, which has helped to increase the confidence and satisfaction of our customers, resulting in higher sales conversion. In addition, this tool allows us to highlight unique product features and benefits, adding value to the customer shopping experience.

Landing Pages Template

After realizing that there was a high demand for landing pages to promote products and movies on the site, we conducted a detailed analysis to develop a fully customizable template that allows anyone on the Ri Happy team, even without programming expertise, to create a page in minutes using the site editor. 

This made the process much faster and cheaper by eliminating the need to assign a developer to each new page, giving the Ri Happy team agility and autonomy.

We developed some landing page templates for customization when promoting products related to big movie hits like Batman, Sonic, Thor, Buzz Lightyear, and Dog Patrol.  

Attractively designed, these landing pages are development to increase release date conversions and help clients make the most of movie hype. 

They showcase the products in a clear and impactful way and provide a unique user experience.


Through a careful research, analysis and implementation process, our UX team identified key pain points and opportunities for improvement on the Ri Happy website. This included optimizing navigation from the home page, simplifying the purchase process, providing greater clarity and reliability of information, and overall improving the customer experience.

Once the improvements were implemented, the results were remarkable. Ri Happy customers began to enjoy a more intuitive, comprehensive and enjoyable experience when browsing the site. The ease of finding products, the speed of the purchase process, and the differentiated presentation of products all contributed to increased customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

This case highlights the importance of putting the customer at the center of business strategies. Understanding users’ needs, expectations, and preferences makes it possible to develop a website that is enjoyable, functional, and efficient. Investing in UX not only adds value for the customer, but also brings tangible benefits to the business, such as increased sales, improved brand reputation, and increased customer loyalty.

The development with Ri Happy is an inspiring example of how customer focus and collaboration between expert designers and programmers can transform a site and drive sales.

Companies that prioritize user experience and invest in UX improvements will be well positioned to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

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