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Performa_IT has a complete portfolio of technology and innovation solutions

This way, we develop projects with different levels of maturity and need, and are able to go through our entire range of services or just one stage of it.

Our methodology provides a partnership with a look at the Lean, Design & Agile mindset, in a modular and adaptive way.


Innovation Day Digital Opinion LeaderLean Design e Produto
Soluções em Power App Power Platform

Innovation Day

Novo Nordisk’s Innovation Day brought together employees from various departments to participate in four days of workshops, discussions, and activities moderated by experienced professionals from Performa_IT.

The event was designed to identify challenges and potential opportunities within the company and create an environment conducive to developing improved solutions. The goal of the project was to foster better communication and understanding between different departments using strategies that promote empathy and knowledge sharing.

This event marked the beginning of a transformational journey to strengthen the culture of innovation and excellence at Novo Nordisk. After these intense four days of interaction and dialogue, our next step is to work as a multifunctional group, benefitting from the guidance of Performa_IT professionals.

Our mission is to explore solutions to the challenges identified and create prototypes that will shape a more innovative future for Novo Nordisk.

DOL - Digital Opinion Leader

Opinion leaders as an information force

This innovative project is empowering digital influencers in the health area, by investing resources to increase their engagement, with the purpose of promoting accurate information about drugs and treatments available on the market
against obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

We fully support Novo Nordisk in this action, using the Design Thinking approach to carry out detailed interviews, analyzes and syntheses, in order to identify and build significant opportunities in this context.

Lean Design and Product

The power of a product in constant evolution

We worked on the evolution and continuous improvement of a digital event management product, supporting the team in the planning, organizing processes and strengthening the structure of the current system.

The thought of continuous improvement feeds a double treadmill, Discovery and Delivery: at the same time that we are discovering opportunities, we are evolving the product and generating more value. 

DGH Growth hormone

Patient at the heart of decision

The teams involved in this project are committed to transforming the patients’ journey into a truly relevant experience, with a special focus on pediatric patients who are being treated with DGH.

We work closely with the Patient Journey team at Novo Nordisk to ensure these patients receive the support they need in the best possible way.

Using approaches such as Design Thinking and Deep Design, we conducted in-depth interviews with patients, family members
and physicians in order to understand their experiences with Novo Nordisk medicines, from purchase to completion of treatment.

Caring for the patient’s journey during treatment

Aligned with Novo Nordisk’s goal of becoming a company that supports patient experience as a whole, Performa_IT played/has an essential role in the development of the New Day Program.

Using Lean Design and Agile approaches, we mapped the treatment journey of patients with obesity, resulting in an innovative relationship program.

Our goal is to offer holistic and personalized support to patients, aiming not only at treatment efficacy, but also at well-being and quality of life.

Power App Solution:

Talent Review

We transform a manual process by creating a simple digital solution that automatically analyzes and consolidates performance appraisal data. Saving countless hours of manual work by the employees involved in the process. 

We deliver time savings and agility, eliminating waste and reducing operational activities.

A digital solution with fast development and low maintenance costs

One page Power Plataform

We used the Power BI low code development platform to deliver some digital solutions to Novo Nordisk teams more quickly.

Performa_IT’s work helps Novo Nordisk build a culture of innovation that impacts the lives of millions of people, promoting:


By expanding the clinical aspect of treatment through relationship programs with patients, we promote better well-being and quality of life, providing emotional, social and physical health.

More confidence in treatment 

Through personalized support, we enable patients to assume a leading role in their own care.

Emotional Security

There is a reduction in stress and anxiety because we take into account the emotional and psychological aspects of patients.

Improved communication

More contact between the doctor and the patient, as it is possible to map the individual needs and preferences of each one.

Preventive health

In addition to treating the current condition, the projects seek to educate and train patients about the importance of preventive health.

Building a legacy While achieving results

The co-creation work between various Novo failures and rework Nordisk teams and Performa_IT provides the company with a legacy of digital solutions and innovation actions that stand out for their true relevance. Furthermore, these solutions also become valuable assets for future projects, providing an environment for continuous innovation.

Results with a sustainable, positive and lasting impact.

Building a legacy of digital transformation and innovation actions

 Earnings and operational efficiency

• Increased team productivity

• Improved communication transparency

• More collaboration between people

• Reduction of failures and rewor

How we do it:

Our innovative approach allows you to quickly scale multiple areas and projects without the need for additional hires.
Through strategic partnerships, we are able to deal with the growing demands for projects and training, ensuring efficient and quality deliveries to different areas of the company, at the same time.

Customer testimonial:

Júlio | National Sales Manager

“I came here to say that participating in the workshop with Performa_IT was enriching and having the opportunity for this exchange between areas and from there identifying opportunities for improvement within the company has made us develop as professionals and also be able to think beyond and above all understand how we can contribute to the future of the company”.

Dra Mariana | Medical

“The first thing I noticed is that we talk a lot about listening to the customer. And here was a space to listen to the internal customer, ourselves. Don’t come in with solutions, but think about the problems and the whole process and then propose a solution. I felt safe in that space, it was easy and we were engaged throughout. It’s interesting to talk about innovation, we link innovation to technology and the future, so when I arrived I was shocked because we started talking about problems and challenges. But we can only talk about innovation if we have structured our processes and organized everything very well. That way we can look to the future. For me, innovation starts with creating solutions for our daily lives. This experience has been very rich.”

Our purpose

To develop people to build the future, so that they are capable of accelerating projects and creating agile and effective solutions for companies.

With our expertise and passion for innovation, we accelerate ideas and turn concepts into reality. We are ready to face any challenge and drive our clients’ success by delivering results and value to people at all stages of the process.

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