Case Natura

Agility with the Power of AI: Leadership Training at Natura & Co

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Natura, an innovation and sustainable development leader, aimed to strengthen its financial leadership through innovative agility training using artificial intelligence (AI). After the success of our case with AIPA, our first AI-created beer, Natura approached us to apply our expertise to drive a mindset change in its Latin American finance team

Implemented Solutions

Addressing this challenge, we didn’t limit our approach to traditional training. We proposed a dual transformation, combining agility training with the practical use of AI.

We proposed a challenge involving the creation of results celebration pitches through agile application concepts such as backlog refinement, sprint planning, daily meetings, reviews, and retrospectives combined with the use of AI. 

For the practical challenge, we provided a comprehensive range of AI tool suggestions available in the market. Each tool was accompanied by a detailed tutorial, empowering participants to take their first steps in using AI. 

This practical and accessible approach encouraged the exploration and continuous application of AI tools in their daily challenges.

Achieved Results:

These results highlight Natura’s commitment to innovation and excellence, positioning it as a leader in its industry. We look forward to the future advancements this partnership will bring.

Customer testimonial:

The experience was super motivating and challenging. Usually, we know
where to go, but this experience helped us learn new tools to be better
and more dynamic in our work. It’s an invitation to continue building this path.

– Soledad Lucaroni, LATAM Internal Controls and Risks Manager


“Agility with Artificial Intelligence was an explosive combination!

It was interesting to see how leaders challenged themselves to learn

new tools to put agility into practice and deal with all the challenges that arose.

It was transformative! I’m sure teams will be much more motivated

to experiment and change how they work and innovate.

– Audrey Barbosa, Innovation and Process Improvement Manager


This success story celebrates innovation and the ability to overcome challenges. By challenging Natura & Co.’s finance team to venture into the world of artificial intelligence, we not only introduced revolutionary tools but also instilled a culture of curiosity and experimentation, leaving behind the fear of the new.

By offering a diverse range of AI tool suggestions and hands-on tutorials, we gave the team the tools they needed to understand the concepts and put them into practice. AI is no longer an idea but a concrete ally in optimizing processes and improving results.

This case proves that artificial intelligence is not just a fad but a transformative force that can – and should – be used across all departments, including the financial department.

By embarking on this path of innovation, Natura & Co has strengthened its position as a market leader.

We are grateful to Natura & Co. for their trust and shared vision of a future where artificial intelligence is part of every aspect of its culture.



Watch the video for a complete immersion in the training and check out the testimonials about this experience.