Graspify – How our customer transformed the user experience with a user and learning-centric approach

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How Graspify transformed the user experience with a user and learning-centric approach

Founded in Norway as part of the Kjentfolk Society, Graspify is an innovative startup backed by learning experts. With a mission to revolutionize corporate learning, Graspify has developed a microlearning platform that combines science and the human learning process.

Its key differentiator is the integration of AI technologies that personalize and adapt learning content to the user’s needs, making the platform highly effective for personalized learning.

Graspify not only offers a unique learning experience but also stands out for the quality of its content and its ability to engage your customers. A success story in education and technology is its successful expansion and partnership with Performa_IT.

The challenge

Graspify was founded from a project initially focused on teaching through micro-learning, aimed at the business world, and seeking to expand its business to cover the needs of the B2C public.

The challenge was bold and urgent: in just 60 days, develop a robust, stable, and scalable solution using public AI resources to create a compelling narrative to present to the board of investors.

The goal was to ensure a lasting alliance, essential for Graspify to continue to grow.

The partnership with Performa IT will enable Grapify to expand its reach and become the leading online destination for learning using AI-based microlearning technology.

The delivery

Performa_IT delivered an exceptional solution, strictly on time, which included developing logical code that enabled stable use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) sources that facilitated the creation of micro-learning content.

Through a UX/UI assessment that focuses on the user’s needs from a learning perspective, we work to eliminate friction throughout the product and reduce the student/user’s cognitive load.

So, to incorporate new features and improvements in usability, language, and branding, Graspify’s legacy interface has been restructured and optimized.

In addition, Performa’s IT team provided comprehensive support for existing code, made practical and technical improvements, and made significant adjustments to project and backlog management, ensuring an efficient and transparent workflow using agile methodologies.

Approaches considered:

Cognitive load theory UX HeuristicsS&E Evaluation Matrix
Priorization Scale UX/UI Assessment


The solutions provided by Performa_IT exceeded the expectations of all parties involved in the project, resulting in a significant improvement in the quality and commitment to the project.

Graspify’s sponsor and stakeholders achieved a remarkable level of awareness, with the CEO’s confidence in Performa_IT playing a role in gaining the unanimous support of the Board of Investors.

Beyond the significant capital investment, this support has created an enduring and fundamental partnership with this institution.

The success of this partnership is a testimony to Performa_IT’s ability to drive innovation and achieve exceptional results in a highly competitive business environment.

We face the challenges of the future with confidence and determination because of our unwavering commitment to excellence and the constant search for innovative solutions through our dedication to our customers.

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