Eaton – Driving improvements in the customer service process

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Eaton and Performa_IT promote improvements in the customer service process.

Eaton, a multinational company present in more than 175 countries, and a reference in products and services for the efficient use of electric, hydraulic and mechanical energy, invited Performa_IT to facilitate the routine of its technicians in the process of technical assistance services in the field.

Digital transformation improves and enhances processes


Technicians used manual methods to collect information during their equipment maintenance and repair visits, causing delays in sending data to headquarters and a consequent increase in effective customer service time.


Through the analytical vision, we followed the routine of Eaton’s technicians, identified their difficulties, and mapped their journey in the search for the best viable solution, using Design Thinking.

With the project’s Lean Canvas ready, we validated and developed an application for iOS and Android that ensured greater efficiency and improved routine visits, reducing service times, visiting costs, and providing greater predictability in the maintenance of equipment for Eaton’s customers.

Using the application, technicians can easily view all maintenance needs during service, with access to equipment information, such as: parts expiration, previous service status and sending detailed reports to the customer, as well as immediate forwarding of the information collected during the visit to the commercial area with the quick issuance of service orders.

Through a QR Code of the equipment, the technician has a clear view of maintenance needs, with visibility of services, history, and complete monitoring. This ensures Eaton predictability in maintaining all of its customers’ equipment with greater efficiency during visits, reducing costs and service time.

The application’s success in Brazil led to the implementation of the solution at the branch in Argentina, which in a few months of operation generated more than 5,000 service orders, promoting an improvement in the business of Eaton and its customers.


  1. Work optimization
  2. Information control
  3. Predictability
  4. Efficiency
  5. Savings and reduction of costs
  6. Accuracy during visits
  7. Application iOS and Android
  8. Immediate issuance of service order

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