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Transparency and agility in product transfer: a successful digital solution for the chemical industry.

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How Croda provided transparency and agility in its product transfer process.

With decades of experience and an ongoing commitment to innovation, Croda International stands out in the global chemical industry. In Brazil, its plant in Campinas/SP contributes to sector strengthening nationally by driving technological development and offering high-quality, reliable, and innovative products.

This project was co-created in this national unit and focused on facilitating the product transfer process.

We co-created a digital solution to support the product transfer process, 
adding traceability, agility and simplicity to the process.

The challenge

Croda faced a common challenge in the chemical industry: a lengthy, time-consuming, and non-transparent product transfer process that made it difficult to monitor the status of products related to scientific research.

Lack of project standardization, difficulty accessing
documents, and lack of defined processes for requesting
and delivering products created control issues and low
visibility for teams. In addition, one of the pain points
highlighted by scientists was the lack of a historical record
of analyses, which hindered workflow.

The solution

Our goal is the process time reduction, bureaucracy, dependencies, and approvals. Ensure traceability and have greater visibility of products in Research and Development.

To face these challenges, the company decided to develop an innovative digital solution with us: the Product Transfer Management Platform.

A web solution that provides end-to-end autonomy for the scientists involved in the process, bringing greater visibility at all stages, reducing obstacles, and reducing the need for manual management of requests in progress.


The discovery 

Using a Design Thinking approach, our team conducted an in-depth analysis of the pain points and difficulties in the current flow, examining the organization, communication, and information flow of the people involved. Following good technical practices, we are dedicated to understanding when, with whom, and how the problem occurs, taking into the business context.
In this project, in addition to prototyping and developing the digital product, we prioritized training the customer’s team members to actively participate in the co-creating the solution, using agile methodologies to test, validate and challenge ideas. The goal is a productive collaboration
resulting in an effective solution that meets real needs. 

The development

We created a mental map and developed a “visual contract”, a structure that materializes all the ideas, flows, needs, constrains, and essential business rules that must be considered when creating the product.
That allows us to create a visual documentation of the system that connects the expectations of everyone involved.

Delivering value

Our primary approach to product development is the continuous delivery of customer value. As the project progresses, we perform fractional deliveries that allow stakeholders to experiment and validate the system under development. This constant interaction ensures that the product is effectively aligns with user needs.
Through these iterative deliveries, we can move forward in the face of changes and challenges. We fluidly handle adjustments and new requirements with an agile approach. This flexibility is critical to the success of the end product, and the fulfillment of customer expectations.
This dynamic, collaborative value delivery process is at the heart of our pursuit of technological excellence and customer satisfaction.
Results beyond the numbers
Developing a technology project that deliver value to our customers has significant benefits beyond commercial success. In addition to meeting customer needs, we also strengthen the growth and development of our own team.
A healthy project focused on the well-being of all stakeholders allows for continuous learning and improvement of the team members’ technical and interpersonal skills.
Through this journey with our customers, we have strengthened our technology expertise as well as our mission to enable people to build the future. The real benefit is the development of new skills that can create lasting results and significant value, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth for all involved.
We are committed to building a prosperous and innovative future bey unleashing our team and our customers’ potential through this partnership.

More Agility, Control, and Efficiency

The implementation of the Product Transfer Management Platform has yielded impressive results for the company. Scientists now have autonomy in the process and are able to monitor all stages of product transfer from start to finish. This autonomy has resulted in time savings by reducing the number of people involved and approvals required. In addition, product traceability and clarity of R&D projects have been significantly improved.

The solution also addressed specific pain points such as lack of standardization across projects, difficulty accessing documents, managing access to the system, and lack of process visibility. The management platform overcame these issues and brought greater control, proper documentation, and records of process changes.

Workflow became more agile, eliminating slowdowns and rework. The success of this initiative was recognized by the IT team, which considered the Product Transfer Management Platform one of the best projects carried out using agile methods. With greater practicality and agility, the company gained more efficient control of products and research, and a more dynamic work environment.



The Product Transfer Management platform stood out as a success story, providing an effective digital solution to the challenges faced by Croda. By simplifying the process, reducing bureaucracy, improving traceability, and providing greater control and visibility, the solution delivered tangible benefits such as time savings and reduced rework.

The success of the project also lies in the appropriate training that we provide to the areas involved. With a Lean, Agile and Innovative approach, together we achieved greater flow efficiency and, most importantly, the satisfaction of scientists, consolidating the success of this journey.

Gabriel Nogueira Testimony Delivery Manager

“I would like to highlight the team’s learning and growth. It was a benchmark of a healthy project that actually added value both for the client and for the team itself, in terms of personal growth, knowledge of new technologies, knowledge of internal processes and the maturity of this team.”

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