BorgWarner – Development of a personalized B2B portal for the automotive market

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Development of a personalized B2B portal for a United States company with over 130 years in the automotive product market.

As global leader in the supply of automotive products for over 130 years, BorgWarner is a United States company with principal place of business in Auburn, Michigan, which offers innovative and sustainable solutions to the fuel, hybrid, and electric vehicle market. Present in 22 countries, the organization leads the automotive industry to a cleaner, safer, and energy-efficient future.


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BorgWarner sought Performa_IT to solve an important situation of its commercial operation. The leading company in the supply of automotive products was seeking an automated way to improve its after-sale processes to the auto part replacement market.

With thousands of customers spread throughout Brazil, BorgWarner still had a complex manual system to service them and to manage the orders still through emails only. Such long and lasting dynamics limited the servicing of its distributors and auto part companies, jeopardizing the operation of its businesses and limiting the organization as for the achievement of even better results.

A strong tool that would definitely solve such problem became clearly necessary – and it was then Performa_IT came into action to develop an important solution to the industry at the time: a B2B portal that would bring agility in its After-Sale servicing.

Significantly stable and intuitive, the Portal was created at a moment when such business model was still beginning in the automotive market, which enabled the supply of BorgWarner entire part catalog to its distributors for the easy purchasing of replacement parts, providing greater scale and capillarity to the operation of its distribution services, as well as agility in the servicing.

Big and small distributors started to have the same opportunity of access to important innovations of one of the largest automotive product suppliers in the country.

Due to its high stability and availability, the system does not require maintenance and offers, with excellence, all necessary BorgWarner solutions to its users. 

The Solution – Step by Step

The Solution – Step by Step

The B2B portal was developed by Performa_IT in only 3 months, and expanded the BorgWarner after-sale sector, which started to use a stable auto service system, fully integrated into its ERP, in lieu of a complex manual operation. Such tool provided more capillarity, scale in the company’s operation, further to more agility in the servicing of its customers.

Solution design

The solution was idealized in co-creation with the BorgWarner’s team, with validation tests conducted by some of its distributors, which have also taken part in the whole development process. We surveyed their pains and needs to build an intuitive tool, of simple and easy access to all users. Created in a way that BorgWarner’s distributors could use it autonomously, without training to be required.

All such operation made easier the day-to-day of the company’s after-sales team, which could service thousands of distributors spread throughout the country, for providing greater agility, control in product stock and in the replacement process.


The implementation of the B2B portal to BorgWarner was 100% integrated into the customer’s ERP, which brought more soundness to the area with a simple and structured UX to meet the working hours of BorgWarner’s distributors.

Delivery and validation

The B2B portal was validated by BorgWarner distributors’ team, which currently count on a better exclusive and direct servicing tool with the company’s After-Sales. The whole team involved in the process was able to take part in its preparation. Thus, they had the opportunity to evaluate and validate how the system operated and met their demands, in practice. That generates value to the customer, for all its hours were mapped, bringing a solution capable of meeting the customer’s actual need.


Among all benefits to BorgWarner, the main one was to be able to count on a solution capable of servicing its After-Sales in a quick manner, enabling a big advancement in the part replacement sales to its distributors, better stock follow-up and delivery of parts to the market, making closer the relationship with one of its main customers: the distributor.

An entire solution developed through the customer’s time and resource optimization, which now counts on an extremely stable solution to an important area of the company’s Commercial team.


Service speed
Inventory monitoring
Closeness with the customer
High stability

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