RiHappy – The co-created solution that makes the difference in special moments

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How we maintained the magic of exchanging gifts of the largest toy retailer in Brazil during the pandemic period

The solution developed in co-creation with RiHappy to provide the difference in special moments

RiHappy Brinquedos is the largest toy retailer in Brazil with 35 years in the market. It has a network of 270 stores and franchises and several sales channels in all Brazilian states, with a team of more than 3,000 employees. Currently controlled by the Carlyle Group, one of the largest American private equity multinationals in the world.


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The Challenge

The pandemic imposed a series of challenges on our routine. The most trivial activities, such as meetings and celebrations had to undergo adaptations.

In-person celebrations needed to be restricted, and birthday parties and baby showers stopped taking place regarding protective measures against the Covid-19 pandemic.

But then, how to overcome these obstacles and ensure that gift exchanges continue to happen even from a distance?

The answer: innovation and technology.

Come and see how Performa_IT solved this problem in co-creation with RiHappy allowing the company to continue taking its purpose forward: ‘ensuring that children grow and develop healthy and happy through play’.

The solution

To keep gift exchanges happening during a pandemic and the brightness of children’s celebrations, RiHappy was looking for a solution capable of making an online presence, increasing sales, ensuring recurrence, and retaining and attracting customers.

There was no doubt that digital transformation was an opportunity on the horizon.

Promptly, Performa_IT understood the client’s market and its different audiences, and we adapted to the presented scenario. After all, it wasn’t just about giving a gift to a particular person, but ‘being present’ in unique moments.

The development of the solution went through a complete journey, from the CSD matrix and brainwriting to user flow and, of course, prototyping. We planned in detail to guarantee an assertive product.

Following the market trend, we started with a list of credits, working as follows:

  • The birthday person creating his gift list via the application
  • The guest chooses a gift for the birthday person and makes the payment
  • The birthday person receives the gift’s value as credits to be used on the RiHappy website


In this way, the birthday person could choose the best presents within the credits debited by the guest.

And, to make it all more humanized and affectionate, since social distancing was imposed, the platform allowed sending messages, gifs, photos, and videos to provide online interaction with the birthday person and their guest.

If we can go further, we will! Continuous improvement because the progress is constant.

The project’s first stage was a success, and then the solution evolved into a pre-defined gift list.

With the pandemic under control, it was possible to advance and implement new functionalities for the tool. In addition to generating credits for further purchase, the platform allowed the birthday person to create a gift list.

The list made the guest’s gift choice more manageable since many options were displayed in the app.

And since practicality is the watchword: the list is accessible through the platform or directly in the physical store, with the gift being able to be sent both to the guest’s home and to the birthday person or baby.

The tool’s design evolved alongside Performa’s improvements to the project’s evolution. User  behavior changed through the pandemic phases, and its particularities can prove all the agility and technical mastery of Performa_IT.

The result of this journey could not be any other than a revolution in selling toys through a new management model, which generated a high approval rate among sellers and consumers.


  • A new business management model with disruptive innovation
  • Power of agile adaptation through the urgency of the moment
  • Gain competitiveness and generate value for the customer
  • Progress and direct impact on the company’s online sales
  • Greater integration between physical and virtual sales

Among the main results provided for RiHappy was the implementing an agile alternative to maintain contact with the customer in a pandemic that required social distancing, and all commercial activities were heavily affected. The solution allowed the retailer to remain present in particular moments of its customers, advancing its online sales. Performa’s team quickly mitigated the commercial impact.

The solution created with disruptive innovation assisted RiHappy’s sales team by maintaining a vital customer loyalty relationship in a period necessary to break paradigms during new consumption habits.

Performa_IT quickly detected this need and presented in a short period of change the in sales from physical to digital. Today, the solution forms an essential part of the company’s revenues. The product is fully integrated with the customer’s SAP system and CRM.

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