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How to use it?
Working with LEAN is choosing to focus on what really matters. Throughout its history, Performa_IT has always stood out by its engaging attitude in all its professional relationships. With LEAN, we elevate  attitude to the maximum, starting from an initial challenge, helping to define the real problem to be solved, exploring the customer journey and mapping all possible solutions. Then, we start the prototyping phase, collecting direct feedback from the end user, allowing to analyze the viability of the enterprise, measuring and learning continuously, building the solution through agile development.

Four key questions can be used in this process: What is the real problem? What are the possible solutions? What is the best solution? How can we improve more and more?

Lean is part of Performa_IT. Digital transformation in a practical way and in the right measure.
Performa_IT has developed its own work methodology called IDEA-PAD. Based on  principles of Design Thinking, Lean and Agility. Combining these concepts with well-defined stages and deliverables to guide the product design and development process.
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