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To improve the experience of Biolab representatives, through information that ensures a closer and personalized relationship between the Representative and the Doctor.


We have followed several representatives on their visits to doctors understanding  their difficulties, such as: intense and tiring working hours, lack of differential with competitors,  information structuring and guidance.

Using  Design Sprint, We have  mapped their journey, placing ourselves in their place in a collaboratively way with  different areas of the company, We have  risen ideas with innovative, practical and viable solutions. In this groumd we have  built the Lean Canvas of the project and a prototype that was enthusiastically validated by the team, with all information we could start the execution phase.


We have developed  Biolab Studio platform, which offers interaction, content management and ensures a closer and personalized relationship between the representative and the doctor through a broader view and data use for predictability and assertiveness of results.
The solution is omnichannel, consisting of: iOS app for the representative and a responsive website for healthcare professionals, allowing a better relationship both in person and on line visits.
For a better experience of the representatives we have chosen to develop a completely native App for iOS using Swift language and the latest technologies available for the iPad. The end result was a fast and fluid App so that users can work all day  keeping a great experience.
The servers responsible for processing and storing the platform's data are allocated in a self-scaling cloud environment to ensure the best cost-benefit ratio and the highest possible speed for App users  in the field.


Biolab representatives, more than 1500, spread throughout Brazil, countless doctors and products and a viable result achieved. Currently entitled to a successful presentation at the annual Biolab sales convention, the entire sales team is using the new system, with virtually no need for additional training. A huge achievement for our team and our customer.

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