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Ensuring a closer and more personalized relationship between Biolab Representative and Doctors.


We have followed several representatives on their visits in order to understand their difficulties, such as: intense and tiring working hours, lack of differential with competitors, information structuring and guidance.

Through Design Sprint, we have mapped the journey putting ourselves in their place and in a collaborative way with different areas of the company, raising innovative, practical and viable ideas and solutions.
With this information, we have built the Lean Canvas of the project and a prototype that was enthusiastically validated by the team, with all information we could start the execution phase.


We developed the Biolab Studio platform that offers interaction, content management and a closer and more personalized relationship between the representative and the physician through a broader vision of predictability and assertiveness of results.

We have used an omnichannel solution consisting of an iOS App for the representative and a responsive website for healthcare professionals, allowing a better relationship face-to-face and online visit. 

We have developed a fully native iOS App with Swift language and the latest technologies available using iPad, ensuring a great experience for everyday use. 

The servers responsible for processing and storing data were allocated in a self-scalable cloud environment, providing the best cost-benefit ratio and the highest possible speed to be used in the field.


More than 1500 Biolab representatives spread throughout Brazil and countless physicians using a new platform with a viable result achieved, with the right to a successful presentation at Biolab's annual sales convention. Currently, the entire sales team uses the new system, with virtually no need for additional training. A huge achievement for our team and for the customer.

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